Community Bonding Period - GSoC'18

Community Bonding Period - GSoC'18

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End of Community Bonding Period

May 15, 2018, marks the end of Community Bonding Period of GoogleSummerofCode’18. This period was basically focused on to make the selected participants for familiar with their mentors and community. My bonding well with the community and the mentors it would only help in creating a good rapport that would help in the completion of the project as well as better understanding the goal of the community as well.

My experience

As soon as the bonding was initiated my first step was to set up a skype call with my mentor and so I did. I called up my mentor and man, it was great! Unfortunately, call with only one mentor could be scheduled but it was very effective. We had a discussion about the project as well as how to proceed with. We shared all the major setbacks and problems that could take place and planned a way to circumvent those.

Interaction with Julia community

I joined the discourse channel of Julia community where I got to know every awesome Julia project happening in GSoC, man there are some awesome projects, be sure to check them out here.

I was already a part of the slack channel of Julia community and after my selection, I got to interact with other guys who were different projects. I got to chat with David Sander’s, the person from whose video I learned Julia. This was an incredible experience for communicating with the people who’re already involved in big projects is humbling in itself.

Future Plans

I plan to implement the functions that I’ve proposed in my application within the stipulated time and meet the deadline. I would also come up with a post defining every function that I implement with a code - output approach.

GSoC is Amazing.

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