Phase-2 Conclusion - GSoC'18

Phase-2 Conclusion - GSoC'18

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Ending the Phase 2

So today, on the onset of evaluation period of Phase 2. I would like to update all the reader about my work from the last post. It’s officially the end of Phase 2! We’re 2/3 of the journey of GSoC but it just began! Einstein’s theory of relativity thus seems to play its role: TIME IS RELATIVE! In my last post, I told you that I was able to complete almost all the work of Phase 2 in the beginning week itself. So what did I do all this while?

I spent a lot of time refining the ported code and making AstroTime.jl truly independent! All my PRs are finally merged and the issue I began with the GSoC proposal is finally closed! (though only in this library). It’s a library, completely rewritten by me, but of course in the gracious supervision of my mentors! Who are always there to help.

Crashing my Ubuntu

I was wasted staggering 2 days after I crashed my Ubuntu machine. I had to fix it, tear it and finally rebuild it from the scratch up! That cost me a lot of time and more than that a lot of mental pressure. It became a stalemate but I eventually was able to get my machine up and running and that too with cool updates!

Phase 3 already in motion

With my machine up and running and my Phase 2 work off the desk I was already hitting Phase 3 work and managed to port another 6 functions with over 10 dependencies! And with docstrings! Haha! Here is the list of the ported functions

Plans of Phase 3

As mentioned in the proposal, I would complete the conversion of important ERFA functions and would try to complete my GSoC proposed work to complete this program so that I can avail all the perks and most importantly earn that feeling of joy one gets after completing something that one has started.

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