Phase-3 Midway - GSoC'18

Phase-3 Midway - GSoC'18

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Final Level - GSoC’18

This post is to update readers on my work after the phase 2 of GSoC. So, continuing after a milestone task of making the AstroTime.jl written completely in Julia. After the 2 months long coding spree, I was able to publish the final PR, excise erfa and thus completing the major proposed work, a month in advance. After completing this, I headed on to tackle the extended goal of my GSoC candidature.

Work work work..

As mentioned before I have started working on my exteded goal i.e. to port as many function as possible for the library AstroBase.jl. I am happy to write that I’ve already made a whooping 22 pull request and by the end of GSoC. I might be able to complete the port of AstroBase.jl by the end of GSoC’18. Here’s the full list of the PRs that I made during this period:

What now?

From now to 14th August the official closing date of GSoC, I’ll try to complete AstroBase.jl library and try to implement as many function as I can, with the help of my mentors and hope to close GSoC on a sweet note.

Personal update

I passed the 2nd phase of GSoC and it feels great to be a part of such thriving and genius batch of people! The installments that I’m getting are helping me in the ways I can’t even imagine. Thank you Google for this opportunity.

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