It's a wrap - GSoC'18

It's a wrap - GSoC'18

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Bidding Adieu to GSoC’18

It’s here, the end of the final phase of my journey in GSoC 2018 iteration. What an amazing time it was! It was absolutely enlightening and motivating in a lot of sense. I had this great opportunity to be mentored by two marvelous mentors, nifty in their craft. I would like to thank everyone involved with me in this journey of mine. GSoC sits at the top of my achievements list and I’m humbled by every association with it.

There were moments of exasperation and intense despondence as I was doing a lot of things together and dithering would always keep me behind the deadline but there’s a the thing about open source, it somehow motivates you. Here, I am signing off this GSoC, with a hefty volume of code.

Work done in this period

I started the coding period of GSoC with a single objective of doing the porting of AstroTime.jl to pure Julia and I worked on that only. Function by function, unit test, and docstrings, I completed the task well beforehand, a month in advance to be exact. I was so happy that despite planning ahead and getting involved in a lot of stuff, I was able to nail the project well before the deadline, within two phase interval.

For the last period, mentors passed on the work for another library, AstroBase.jl, this had double the amount of functions than there were in the previous library, also I had only one phase compared to 2 phases that I spent previously, but all these measures evaporated yesterday, when I pushed the last commit to the library and complete the task assigned to me.

This summer I wrote for 2 libraries namely AstroTime.jl and AstroBase.jl, wrote over thousands of line of code, learned open source coding style, got to learn a lot about Julia and general coding style, all this under the guidance of my excellent mentors, Helge Eichhorn and Mosè Giordano and earned a hefty amount of money. Guess, this vacation is the best vacation I’ve ever spent.

You can find below, all the relevant pull requests that made this project successful:

JuliaAstro- GSoC’18 Prakhar Srivastava

Closing remarks

All of this was possible due to constant efforts, resilience and a lot of slacking :P I thank my mentors for always helping me out, even when I behaved absolutely amok.

A big shout out to my parents and FAMSQUAD for always motivating me, wouldn’t be possible without Y’all.

GSoC is amazing! Brb, Haha!

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